Type of lesson
The school offers both classroom lessons and lessons in video link-up.
Length of lesson
Courses consist of modules of ten 60-minute or 90-minute lessons.
Make your own group
Groups are usually organised by students themselves. Decide with your friends/colleagues when and how often you want to have a lesson. Course content can also be decided by the group, for example: language for travel or business purposes, preparation for an examination, English culture and literature, etc.
AdultsStudents (13+)TeachersProfessionalsBusiness


  • General English courses in groups of 3-6 participants at all levels.
  • Conversation classes in groups of 2-4 participants (minimum CEFR level B1).
  • Individual courses.

Students (13+)

  • General English courses in groups of 3-6 participants at all levels.
  • Courses for the preparation of the University of Cambridge Exams: PET, *FCE, CAE, IELTS, and TOEFL exams.
  • Conversation classes in groups of 2-4 participants (minimum CEFR level B1).
  • Individual courses.

*recognised by Italian universities and often a prerequisite for participation in the Erasmus programme.


  • In-service training courses for English teachers of Elementary, Middle or High School.
  • Courses for small groups of practising or recently qualified teachers of English in schools who want to improve their own language skills (particularly fluency) and language knowledge.

The courses also provide an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their own teaching and how best to adapt new techniques and methodologies to their personal teaching style.


  • Tailor-made courses for professionals. These courses are based on individual needs, for example, preparation of presentations and meetings, checking articles for publication in professional journals etc.


In the global marketplace, where English is the international language, business success depends on the ability to communicate effectively.

We offer in-company courses with lessons for small groups and/or individuals. All courses are tailor-made to suit our clients’ specific needs and are designed according to objectives, length, time and content required, with the added flexibility of video link-up. A course that focuses on your specific language needs and interests will not only help you become more accurate and fluent linguistically, it will also increase your confidence to do business and communicate successfully in international contexts.

Frequently requested content:

  • Writing letters/emails
  • Writing reports
  • Telephone communication
  • Describing processes and operations
  • Preparing presentations
  • Giving presentations
  • Participating in meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Dealing with problems
  • Social situations
Video link-up

While classroom lessons remain at the heart of our communicative approach, our video link-up lessons offer flexibility for those occasions when you are not in the office, but still want your lesson. You could be in another town or on the other side of the world… All you need is a Skype connection! If you choose our classroom + video link-up option, you will have access to our Link-Up Club, which is an online community offering tests, language activities, grammar exercises, blogs, links to newspaper articles of general and specific interest, podcasts, videos and much much more.

We have helped hundreds of business people, so why not let us help you too?